Sunday, February 15, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

We had a really low-key Valentine's Day this year: a movie, a long walk through town, and takeout pizza. I talked D out of his traditional pilgrimage of panic to the supermarket, meaning we got to sleep in and then wander over to the farmer's market.
College pub.

This picture below is from a different Saturday- yesterday was a warm, gorgeous day and the market was full of people. The booths were stocked with colorful potatoes, local apples, freshly-baked bagels, drinking vinegars and vodka, organic greens like watercress, parsley, and kale. It was love at first taste when I tried a goat cheese called Sweet Fire: goat milk + marionberry preserves + habanero pepper. Sweetness followed by flame, SO good!

You know what's even more entertaining than dressing up and going out on a holiday like this? Walking by a row of restaurants and observing all the couples who dressed up and went out. The fancy white-tableclothed places are the best for people watching, because the couples are either nervously getting through their first V-day together or have been together so long that every single interaction is performed with a practiced grace.

As we were walking home, the sky gave us the best romantic sunset ever:

Happy (Belated) Valentine's Day! How did you celebrate the day?

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