Thursday, April 9, 2015

Mustang Wanted

How are you with heights? Could you imagine doing what this guy is doing?

I wasn't too surprised to find out that he's Ukrainian (and how!) after observing these two men working in Kharkiv's Freedom Square one afternoon. Doesn't look too bad...

... until you see the full view!

Could only find a winter picture to show the full view. February 2014 actually, as the city prepared for/canceled Maslenitsa amid massive demonstrations.

But I imagine those two guys are up there in harnesses for the griven. The absolutely ropeless guy from Kyiv in the video- aka "Mustang Wanted"- well, who knows. Perhaps he started out repairing the tops of buildings before graduating to hanging off them? His true identity is a secret but he's not hiding a single one of his crazy climbs on his personal website. Take a peek and let me know below what you think!

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