Saturday, April 25, 2015

Snapshots of American Life 3

Portland has been Portland-y this spring.

Ahhhh... ate SO MUCH STUFF this month- it's like we woke up from hibernation or something.

I know there's supposed to be a moratorium on new teas, but... 

After a long absence, Ukraine showed up in the newspaper again.

His highness, as usual, had no interest in reading. He attempted to turn all unattended newspapers into his personal nap cushions.

Y u so mad, Kit?

We've had awesome bouts of rain lately, even hailstorms! Everything has greened up and bloomed.

On the weekend, the countryside beckoned. That call was answered.

Got around the city a little bit too.

D's been taking a lot of these photos (he's a good photographer, isn't he!) on his way to work. I think one of the keys to an interesting life is being able to walk to work.

That's not just bridge traffic in the picture above; it's an official rescue operation for a family of Canadian geese.

And lastly, a card for International Women's Day arrived in the mail : )

Hope you've been having a fun April! What's new where you are?

*We're off on an adventure, so this post has been pre-scheduled.*

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