Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Snapshots of American Life: Halloween

Got through another Halloween sans costume! The last time we actually dressed up was the year we went to a party as "blackmail" (black clothes + a letter around the neck) and "a shot in the dark" (black clothes + a shotglass around the neck). Yeah, those ideas didn't work well. Everyone else at the party was a sensible witch or cat ;)

It's fun to walk through neighborhoods at the end of October and see what people have put out for Halloween. My vote for the creepiest display went to the bloody and grinning clowns above. Shudder. Imagine if that were your neighbor's front yard!

D didn't pay any attention to Halloween decorations. It's acorn season, so he's been busy following the squirrels around-

And Vesna from Arizona sent along some cool goodies just before the 31st rolled around.

For the actual holiday we helped my parents decorate. It was pouring rain all day... the trick or treaters that eventually ventured out had to run from house to house with umbrellas! But before it got dark, the rain made it perfectly cozy to eat lasagna, carve pumpkins, and decorate from the safety of a covered porch.

Switching over to Kharkiv- check out the very first Ukrainian Zombie Fest.... Looks like fun!

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