Friday, October 30, 2015

Desert Botanical Garden, Arizona

One hour is just enough time for a quick wander through Phoenix's Desert Botanical Garden minus the sunburn.

There are over 21,000 plants in this garden, meaning plenty of unique contenders for 'Most Awesome Plant Name Ever'.

I think 'Shin Dagger' takes the cake on this one, but 'Strawberry Hedgehog Cactus' and 'Desert Spoon' were close runners-up.

The park has 5 trails to explore and $2 gets you an umbrella if you forgot a hat.

Try the 'Plants & People of the Sonoran Desert Loop Trail'... it offers a few places to chill out and escape the sun.

The only cacti I usually see are those little tiny potted ones that sell for a few dollars. Turns out they're like the movie trailer and this was the actual film. A really long film at that.

It's pricey to get in the garden ($22 for adults) but that probably works out to a penny per cactus. And have you ever wondered what happens to a cactus when it dies? I was really surprised- a skeleton remains!

We didn't get to all of the trails before it was time to drive over to the airport. Next time, hopefully!

Have you ever been to Arizona? Or to a botanical garden?

A huge thank you to you, Vesna, for the great tour :D


  1. We drove through this area a few years ago while traveling from Sedona to southern California. We thought the giant Saguaro cactuses were soooo cute! They're also really specific to just that area. We didn't see them anywhere else. It provided for nice scenery from the highway, but it would have been better to see them up close like you did.
    Beautiful post!

    1. Thanks, Michael and Yulia! That must have been a really amazing trip :) Every time I see a road trip like that in the movies, it sounds like a cool drive. Also sounds like you guys have seen quite a bit of the US!

  2. Love the photography here! If you get chance check out my site

  3. I love the Desert Botanic Gardens!! Hands down the best thing to see/do in Phoenix. Glad you enjoyed it!

    1. It was amazing!! Would go again in a heartbeat :)

      What was your second favorite attraction there?

    2. In Phoenix itself? I haven't spent much time there. I did recently visit the Pueblo Grande Ruins/Museum and learn about the Hohokam people. That was pretty cool! You?

    3. That sounds cool, Christine! I only had a few hours that day, so it was just this garden + a trip to Papago Park. Hope to get back and see more someday.