Monday, October 12, 2015

3 Ukrainian empties

Three old favorites that we just used up-

1. Here's what the lady at the аптека presented when I asked for sleeping pills. Turns out that yes, they make you sleepy, but more than that- they make you SNACKY. It's probably a good thing that they're all gone.

2. In the US, spices tend to come in glass, plastic, or metal containers, but the packet reigns supreme in Ukraine. You buy dehydrated soup in packets, sour cream and milk in plastic packets, and any imaginable spice- dill, pepper, "for shish kebab", "for Korean carrot salad"- in a packet as well. The whole spice aisle was 100% packets and this was perhaps the best packet of all: the borsch packet!

Sad to see it go but D does make a mean borsch ;)

3. And the last of the medicine that got us through a lot of winter colds- Pharmacitron.

Here's more info on how to survive a cold in Ukraine.

There will be no replenishing any of those things- unless we can find the borsch spices at a market here in Portland- but here are 2 beautiful new Ukrainian additions that a former student recently sent:

Do you have any Ukrainian empties or souvenirs at home? :)


  1. When I lived in Ukraine and Russia I used to always buy a face wash from the brand Чистая Линия. I'm not even sure why I liked it so much and many of my friends poked fun at me since it is generally considered a lower-end product, but when I left Ukraine I brought a whole bunch home with me. I haven't had any for a while now, but I have spotted it for sale in the Eastern European specialty stores here in Munich.

    And a funny souvenir story. When visiting Munich from Kharkiv I brought Mario's mom one of those brightly painted wooden spoons (I'm sure you know exactly which ones I mean). She went on and on about how wonderful it would be to use that spoon in a potato salad the next time she had guests over until I finally convinced her that it was really only for decoration and since then it hangs up next to the other decorations in the kitchen.

    1. Those spoons are beautiful- what a nice gift, Chelsea! And I totally remember the green bottles from Чистая Линия. Used to always have one of their cheap hand creams in my bag. Glad you came across the same line in Germany :)