Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Snapshots of early fall

Outside it's still a subtle fall-

 but it's fall full-blast if you look inside the stores and restaurants here.

This bombardment of Autumn! Buy all the autumn things! makes me feel a bit like this:

... but I'll admit, it is fun to try new stuff (which means, of course, tea anything):

In the kitchen we've been working through the jar of gretchka in that picture, this sweet potato + coconut soup, and lots of borsch (as fast as D can make it, we eat it).

I hope that we'll eventually have a cozy fall, the kind where you need rainboots every day and lots of hot tea. So far it's been warm and sunny- today's high is 82F!
Sunshine nap = happy Кит.

Another good thing about fall is that it brings a close to the terrible wildfires that swept through the Pacific Northwest. Oregon, Washington, and California all had some scary moments this summer. Portland was out of the danger zone but we still had a few days like this-

Now that you got a look at fall's warm up over here, what's it looking like where you are?

PS: This fall hasn't all been pumpkins and sunny afternoons in Oregon. You've probably heard about the recent tragedy at Umpqua Community College. Here's a way to help the families and survivors.

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