Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A farewell to Ukrainian street art

Even though there have been a ton of posts about Ukraine's street art on this blog, I still have more pictures left over.

Seeing as how it's been 1.5 years since we left Kharkiv, it's probably time to dust these guys off and make space on the computer for new photos. (There are also a few repeats in here that I just really liked.)

Hope you enjoy! :)

Art for Kids

I think it's cool how many of the massive gloomy Soviet buildings brighten themselves up with happy cartoon artwork. Would that make your day if you were a kid?

The Garages

Another bright spot in an otherwise gray world- private garages. Check out all these people who opted for art!

The Stuff That's Just As Depressing As You'd Expect

My Favorite Dinosaur

This guy just looks so mischievous. Doesn't he make you laugh?

The Other (Non-Dino) Animals

And a pina colada.

The Really Colorful Stuff

Writers and Words

Featuring Taras Shevchenko, Alexander Pushkin, and a smattering of Ukrainian/Russian/English sentiments.

Then Vs. Now

And that's it! Where we live now, there's not much comparable to everything above. People in Portland prefer putting stickers on lamposts... case in point-

What's the street art / graffiti scene like where you're living?

The Archives

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