Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Along the Lopan

Ой, the weather this week has really been something! Drizzly rain, constant fog... stereotypical London weather! It feels like I'm constantly out stomping around in it, going from class to class. Home isn't much warmer, as the city hasn't turned the heat on yet, so I'm going to put on an extra sweater and reminisce over these pictures taken in sunnier times.

"Good morning!"

 There's a nice collection of artwork and graffiti along the Lopan river. The best place to start this tour is at the bridge across the river (Shevchenka Street & Marshala Bazhanova Street). It's impossible to miss the old factory-

Chygyryna Bridge
Miст Чигирина

There's a narrow, sketchy walkway near the water. Strangely, the only people I ever see there look like office workers. They speed down the path, eyes studying the ground. Definitely not a place to go at night.

Walk far enough, though, and the path will open up and this little hedgehog will trot by!

One of the best pictures along the river is a scene from Кин-дза-дза!, a 1980s soviet sci-fi comedy.
not sure what all the text is about

The old factory, one more time-

Here are a couple of other sightings from Marshala Bazhanova street:
Kharkov's International House school
And finally, a short distance away on Revolutionary Street, is this art cafe.
I thought- hey, cute cat. Then, months later, I found out that it's not a cat at all, but rather a flying animal/pop-tart hybrid and one of the biggest You Tube phenomena of 2011.

So, in honor of this meme, I'll close with the mighty saga of the Ukrainian Nyan cat. Enjoy : )
(YouTube video- click here if it's not visible.)

(PS: Yeah, I don't get it either. It doesn't actually do anything! :p )

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