Saturday, October 27, 2012

6 Things You Probably Didn't Know about the Elections in Ukraine

Tomorrow Ukrainians will head to the polls to vote in the parliamentary elections. For news, check out Kyiv Post or Ukrainian Election 2012. For random, non-political observations from a foreigner, continue reading!

1) This elementary school is going to be used as a polling place here in Kharkov.

Hall lights are turned off at night (надо экономить! one must economize!) so please forgive me for the quality of these pictures. Posters for all candidates had been laid out on tables, perhaps to be hung on the walls in time for voting.

2) The three standard facial expressions for candidates:

Left: angry
Middle: threatening and/or sullen
Right: mellow

3) Many of the candidates are photographed wearing beautiful and traditional Ukrainian tops (see man in right picture).

4) If you speak Russian-
A friend informed me that this is not a very polite word and an unfortunate name for a politician?

5) Ukrainian Students Selling Votes on Social Network and Celebrity Candidates and Fake Opposition Parties run in Ukraine's Parlimentary Elections (warning- Fox News!)

Right: Ukrainian Choice party sign. "You rule the country!, not the people you choose."

Left: Sticker with "They stole our land" that was placed over the sign. Not sure if this is related or just a random sticker attack.

6) There was (until 2011?) an option for voters to vote против всех, against everyone.
Cheat, bribery, corruption, lies, talk.
Make the right choice: against everyone

I'm curious to see what the results of this election will be!

For more pictures, check out Election Propaganda in Ukraine

And politicians- maybe, just maybe, next time you might try a smile?

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  1. I am very disappointed with the results of these elections...The Communist Party won about 15%, which means for me that many people still have their minds in the past. Also there are those who were forced to vote for the Party of regions, being told that they would be dismissed. All in all, nothing is going to change in Ukraine, the same faces, the same promises, the same lies