Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Snapshots of Ukrainian Life, Part 12

Fresh fish for sale at the Freedom Square farmers' market. Yep, the fish are swimming around inside this water tank until you stop by and order tonight's dinner!

  • The first wave of the fall flu/cold hit Kharkov recently. D, his coworkers, and many of my students were out for a couple of days. Then one of my friends fell ill this week... but she said it was from eating a cold watermelon last week! I'd better add that to my list of new ways to fall ill, right between ice cubes in soda and sitting under the air conditioner.
  • And when you do get sick from that smoothie, be careful how you sneeze. If you're in Ukraine, do it like a local by saying up-chee instead of the American a-choo. My students laugh and laugh at this, like English-speakers are a bunch of weirdos, but really, up-chee? Who's the weirdo? :p
  • Fall also means that- when the weather's good- everywhere you go is covered in a coat of autumn's beauty. Check out Facebook for more photos.
Cable cars in Gorky Park
Саржин Яр. As we walked through here I heard a little girl proudly reciting a story in English to her grandparent...and in good English too! So like a bolt of lighting I appeared next to her and said "You speak English very well!" She just stared at me, open-mouthed, then quickly shut her mouth and stared at the ground. Her older companion smiled shyly.
  • Random quote from one of D's co-workers: "I wish I had been born 15 years earlier. Then I would be either dead or rich by now." (The 90s were a wild time!) 
Local ad for a furniture shop. It reminds me of one of the funniest blog posts ever about life in Moscow- the crazy screwdriver flatmate incident. I revisit that post practically every month! 
  • Heard about Майданс (aka Майадан's) yet? If you like dancing on TV, take a look.
Still more from the language debate in Ukraine- 
a pro-Russian sign in Kharkov states "right to the mother tongue".

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