Saturday, March 24, 2012

Youth Park

Now that the weather has improved and the ground has defrosted, it's time to get back out and explore more of Kharkov. Here's a park I rediscovered recently in Холодна Гора.
"Welcome, Youth Park" in Ukrainian
It's pretty easy to find this park:
Option 1) Take tramvai #3 to Холодна Гора. Ask someone to tell you when you get to the park- the tramvei will eventually stop directly in front of it.

Option 2) Take the metro to Холодна Гора, exit the metro, and walk down Полтавский Шлях (the main highway) in the direction away from the city center. If you find yourself walking towards a big church or the train station- wrong direction! If you continue down Полтавский Шлях in the right direction, towards the outskirts of town, you will soon see a military academy.
On the other side of the highway are more training facilities, including a track, barbed wire, and a even a tank. Just past this academy is Youth Park. Right now Youth Park is filled with dead grass and creaky old playground equipment but this weekend several brave families and couples were venturing out, picking their way through the mud. The children didn't seem to mind the mud at all! 
 The park is pretty small- perhaps a 10 minute walk will take you through the entire thing- but it has a cool art corner if you want to linger. Check it out:
 One last thing- you may notice lots of trees around Kharkov with what appear to be leaf balls in their branches. These leaf balls are green even now, while the rest of the tree stands bare. Last fall a friend mentioned how this disease appeared in the trees of Kharkov and since it's too expensive to eradicate the infection, it will continue to spread throughout the city.
That unfortunate news aside, it's spring! Wherever you live- get out, go to a park, enjoy the season! : )

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  1. I thought those balls were bird nests. How strange,a tree disease. Is it particular to trees only or could it spread to other plant life? I really like the look of the gray and then a splash of really bright colors of mural paintings.