Monday, March 26, 2012

Taki Maki and Caravan/Daffy

Caravan and Daffy are two malls that lie at the end of the metro's Saltovskaya line, ie, the blue line. As these are two of Kharkov's major shopping meccas, everyone ends up here sooner or later. You can find grocery stores, lingerie stores, an iStore, a Reebok store, well-known fashion stores (U.S. Polo, H&M, etc), home decor stores, food courts, bowling alleys, ice skating rinks, kids' play areas, kitchen gear shops, etc, etc.
Once you set foot in either of these places you'll probably be wandering around for hours!
"Technopolis", a large electronics store.
Both malls have a skating rink/bowling lane area. Daffy's rink is a little bit smaller and more low-key. D likes the Daffy rink because his first skating experience was there, and Daffy provides free "training wheels" as well as a more secluded area to learn in.
Caravan's rink is bordering the food court and several restaurants, so a crowd is always watching you. There's a large rink, large enough that a Christmas tree and benches were placed in the middle of it during the holidays.
Both rinks cost about 45 gr ($5.50) for rental skates and an hour of skating.
A remarkably green (for Ukraine) salad from the food court.
One of my favorite places in Caravan is the second floor, above the ice rink. This area includes: Em'pik, a bookstore with a large selection (English even). Игроленд, an game arcade. A Ukrainian blini restaurant. Sportmaster, an athletic goods store. A coffee shop. НХЛ restaurant- National Hops League, a play on NHL- National Hockey League. A bowling alley. Also my (so-far) favorite sushi restaurant- Taki Maki.
Sushi prices range from 20 gr to 75 gr. There's also a large selection of soup and Thai dishes.
call center (050) 417 40 27,
If you find yourself looking for something capitalistic to do on a rainy afternoon this spring, consider yourself informed! : )

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