Monday, March 12, 2012

The most awesome photo ever, runner-up

Remember the MOST AWESOME photo ever?

Well, I found a runner-up.
And no, it's not the нижнее белье (underwear) ad with the woman in's the sign underneath her.

 The name of this little restaurant- Пей пиво! Ешь мясо!- translates to Drink beer! Eat Meat! I think it's taken from this Дискотека Авария song. The actual music video shows the band members swimming in beer and has lyrics like:
Moscow drinks beer
Bulgaria drinks beer
Lithuania drinks beer
Antalya (Turkey) drinks beer
Siberia drinks beer
Germany drinks beer
The whole world drinks beer
Avaria (this band) drinks beer...

Drink beer! (repeated lots of times)
Eat meat! (at the end of the song)

This cracks me up because you have no idea how many times I've heard the refrain "eat meat!" coming from Ukrainians. Meat is a very important part of the diet here. D's parents have pretty much accepted me by now (after 7 years!) but they are always suspicious that I don't feed him enough meat. When they call us, the first thing they do is question us intensely on our health and what we're eating (ie, if we're eating too many vegetables). They warn D that consuming meat is especially important for men to be able to think clearly and to be able to perform their, um, manly duties. I've even heard this story from a Ukrainian- during the Korean war, pilots from N. Korea were too weak to fly fighter planes because they were eating rice instead of meat, so Soviet pilots (who ate lots of meat, of course) had to fly the planes. This was brought up as proof that you need lots of meat in your diet.

Last week, with D's relatives in Crimea, they stuffed us (again) to the point of bursting and almost every single dish on the table contained a different kind of meat. The vegetables served tend to be negated by being covered with mayonnaise. All that aside, I assure you that Ukrainian meals are delicious, just heavy on your stomach. It's like what Americans usually consume once a year on Thanksgiving but here it's served any time there's a reason to celebrate. And yet...odd...notice which country struggles with the weight issue! Maybe there is something to this drink beer, eat meat policy after all...

(By the way, to the left of the drink beer! eat meat! restaurant is a supermarket with the sign "everything will be okay." That's another fairly common Ukrainian refrain.)

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