Friday, March 30, 2012

Euro 2012 Preparations - March

The Euro 2012 football championship is two months away and I've begun to see changes here in Kharkov. Prior to this the most noticeable (to me) preparations had been several ads placed near the train station, including large pictures showing manly men with factory equipment and hard hats and the slogan "Euro, we're ready". At that point I was never sure if Euro meant the football championship or EU admission. The manly men pictures have since been taken down.

Meanwhile, several themed-merchandise vendors have set up shop in the Caravan mall. You can already buy hoodies in bright colors and magnets with the Euro 2012 logo.

Big changes have taken place in the metro. More and more related ads and announcements are popping up on a regular basis. And- remember those cool old signs/maps? (Refresh your memory here.) They've now been replaced with these fancy signs.
I guess the new signs do look more user friendly.... but the old ones were so unique! I told this to a Ukrainian friend- that the old signs were much cooler- and he cocked his head, looked at me, and said "To you, maybe. But not to us."

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