Friday, September 23, 2016

September Snapshots

This month D has gone back to making borsch, and we've been hitting up the farmers market on the weekends.

One of my best friends came to visit Portland. We went to happy hour downtown on the 30th floor of the U.S. Bancorp tower. Had cocktails and an unbelievable quantity of kung pao calamari while we tried to look over everyone's silhouettes at the view. It kind of worked :)

Last weekend D and I planned to meet a friend and his family at a corn maze... but it was pouring down rain all day. (That whole week had been gloriously clear and warm and then, surprise.) We visited another friend instead. She lives on a houseboat and can I just tell you- a houseboat is the absolute perfect place to be on a rainy afternoon!

Rainy weekend aside, the weather's been so nice that we've spent a lot of time outside.

It's definitely starting to look more like fall here-

The city geese are still around for now, at least...

And speaking of fall, the grocery stores are already full of these super-appetizing displays. Yum. :/

Isn't buying wine already hard enough? ;)

A few weekends back we went on a jetboat cruise on the Willamette River. It was our first time on one of these boats, and we had no idea how much river water would end up in the boat as it spun in circles and swerved. It would probably have been drier to just jump in the river, haha, but it was worth it. Have you ever gone on one of these rides?

Just before getting on the river, we went to see one of my dad's demos. His newest stunt- a styrofoam skull with flaming eyes!

Helping set up before the demo.

Кит napped peacefully at home through all of these weekend events, but he's a little cranky this week. He's in a small turf battle with D right now because D accidentally closed the lid on Кит's shoebox one day. (Cats and their shoeboxes, yeah?)

But I think he's calming down. We got him this new cat bed, by the way, and he ignored it for weeks until finally sitting in it once. Honestly, there's no point in buying things for cats. They'd much rather just sit in grocery bags and boxes.

It's getting dark early now, so lately there has been much reading and snacking in the evenings. We're also finishing the last season of Game of Thrones. (Hodor!!)

I'm still going through Russia pics, too. And trying to Skype once a week to practice Russian with a friend from summer school.

What's your September been like? What are your plans for October?


  1. Can he teach Anton to make borscht? I love borscht. Your September seems really fun! Mine has been boring. So excited to go to a craft fair tomorrow though! The weather has been really crappy too. Oh well.

    1. Haha, sure :) Guys making borsch = the best :) :)

      Hope you have fun at the craft fair!