Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Farm

I bet autumn is just barely beginning to touch down in Kharkiv. Perhaps it's even the beginning of a beautiful Бабье лето, Indian summer. I loved fall in Ukraine!

It was dry, warm, and beautiful. It was the transition between tank tops and fur coats, the change from окрошко, cold kefir summer soup to борьщ, borsch. It was the season of chestnuts crunching under your shoes as you walked to the metro.

But we've lived in Portland for freakin' forever now. It's time to make some new traditions. Only... which traditions? There's the #pumpkinspiceeverything trend. Football season. Halloween overload. Raking. Baking. Sweaters.

I decided to join the pumpkin craze (if buying canned pumpkin and a container of pumpkin pie spice counts) and find a local farm (so at least we get outside a little between all the eating).

Enter the u-pick farm.

There was corn growing everywhere- we ended up picking 23 ears of it!- and the blackberry crop was still going strong. We spent an hour walking around and filling our buckets. In fact, the process was so addictive that we took home 10lbs of blackberries. Now the question is- what do you do with 10lbs of blackberries?

I won a few rounds of find-the-husband. Not sure if D knew we were playing, though. ;)

The farm just opened a corn maze, which sounds fun and slightly terrifying (thanks a lot, scary movies). Maybe once we've finished eating all the corn in the fridge, we'll go back for the maze.

What fall traditions are there where you live?

Which are your favorite?

PS: We went back for the corn maze! :)


  1. Living in Munich, the most obvious fall tradition is of course Oktoberfest:) In fact, it's starting up this weekend!If crowded bier tents aren't your thing, a walk through the English Gardens when the leaves are in full autumn glow is nothing short of amazing.

    Enjoy making your new Fall traditions together!

    1. Thanks, Chelsea! And oooh, Oktoberfest!! That's a pretty epic fall event :p Will you and Mario go?

  2. Last year we had an amazing Indian summer in the fall. This year it was 90 one day and the next it was 50 and it hasn't gotten warmer since. It's also rained every day. I'm over this rain and I'm ready for snow.

    I wish I had some fall traditions here, but I don't yet. My favorite thing in the USA was pumpkin spice (I'm so basic) and apple cider!

    1. I will gladly take that rain :) (And/or snow too.)

      You should start the pumpkin spice trend in Russia, Jasilyn. #пампкинспайс!