Thursday, October 13, 2016

Three fall scenes in Portland

It's disgustingly beautiful around town already. Everywhere! Ugh!

South Park Blocks.

(Also, disgustingly beautiful in autumn but not nearby-
the streets of Kharkiv and this national park near Arkhangelsk.)

If you need a Portland fall adventure list, here are three spots to get you started...

#1. Laurelhurst Park.

We had a work session in this park the other day. It ended at sunset, which turned the park into a fairytale setting.

Although, the park is equally stunning in broad daylight too.

The last time we filmed here, the lake was an unremarkable, scummy duck pond. This time, it had been magically transformed by the early colors of the season-

The neighborhoods surrounding the park are filled with oak trees, chestnut trees, firs, maples, and elms.

Chestnuts were everywhere!

D saw this and wailed, "Noooo! Why didn't you take me with you?!" I don't think he's collected any chestnuts yet this year.

#2. South Park Blocks

D and I went here one Sunday afternoon.

We simply sat on a bench for an hour, listening to the wind in the trees and watching a guy record a video for a Christian campus group.

The alumni house had these cute little pumpkins and squash (squashes?) out already.

#3. Bella Organic Farm

The picking season is about over, but there's still plenty to do on the farm.

There's a 2.1 mile corn maze. (Hint: always take a six-year-old with you! They will be your compass.)

(And a haunted corn maze too!)

There's a petting zoo.

There are tiny pumpkins...

... and carving pumpkins.

There are scarecrows.

There are hay rides, a pumpkin patch, elephant ears, corn on the cob, fresh apple cider, a veggie store, and let's not even get into the winery and tasting tent!

I think we'll have more fall exploring ahead, since D's mom is coming to visit us. She's been living on the Big Island for about six months already so she's desperate to see a place where the seasons actually change and it doesn't rain non-stop ;) It's still shocking to me that there's a Russian-speaking community living on that island. Check it out- where else can you find borsch AND fresh coconut on the table?! I'm hoping she'll hook us up with some tasty Ukrainian dishes while she's in town this fall...


  1. Ahhh! I miss fall in America with the pumpkins, corn mazes, and apple cider.

    1. Oh, it's sooooo pumpkin-y. It's catastrophically pumpkin-y. And I don't think I ever saw a single pumpkin the whole time in Ukraine! Hope you'll have some time this month to share fall pics from Ufa :)

      PS: I'd be happy to mail you some apple cider if you get desperate.