Thursday, November 24, 2011

Мужчина на кухне

Who says men can't cook? Behold the efforts of D:

Preparing for omelets
Unfortunately a great deal of the pan's "non-stick" coating didn't stick to the pan- it stuck to the omelets. We've since discarded those pans (from the discount store, made in China) and bought a single $40 frying pan from the future. It's pretty amazing!
He began experimenting with stir-fry after I stumbled across a single store that sold stir-fry sauces
The first time we had beef at home! And honest-to-God lettuce leaves! And Denis' famous homemade mashed potatoes!
And I'm sneaking in one more shot from our favorite pizza place, yum


  1. That pizza looks pretty amazing. You guys eat so well, I'm jealous!

  2. Haha, I wish we ate like this too. Most of the time we're scrambling to find something to eat. These photos document the occasions when D had the time to cook from scratch AND we found ingredients to make something. Most of the time our meals are very, very unglamorous. I dream of Costco...