Sunday, November 6, 2011

Snapshots of Ukrainian Life, Part 5

Finally bought a vacuum cleaner-
SO excited
They all look like this, like little beetles. I didn't see a single upright vacuum cleaner in the store. Prices ranged from 450 grivna ($56, the one we bought) to 5000 grivna ($623, looked just as beetle-y as the one we bought). I hope vacuuming doesn't = backbreaking labor since you have to bend over to do the vacuuming. Not for my sake, of course...D does the vacuuming :p He's a good guy! I am a lazy bum.

Yeah! A clean carpet at last!

It's quite a process to buy something at this store. The store is called Elektro Dom (or something like that?) and it appears to be a chain electronics store. We've made several purchases here- curling iron, blender, hair clipper, etc. First, you have to get someone worked up enough to help you. Then they make a big deal out of a) unlocking the glass to get the item or b) finding a box for the item. Then the sales rep plugs it in to prove that it works and writes you up a receipt. You take the receipt to the cashier and pay for the item. Finally, after signing the warranty card, there's a very solemn grand finale involving a serious-looking stamp.
And this whole time the security guard is giving you the stare down, either because you look suspicious or because he's bored!
  • If you ask someone here what their job is, there's a 70% chance the answer will be "economist" or "manager". A 30% chance remains that they are a programmer. Seriously, those are pretty much the only answers I hear, which is funny because in the US we hardly know what an economist does, let alone actually know one! Proof: the customer satisfaction survey from the coffee shop. Under occupation, you have 4 choices: "student", "university student", "manager", or "other".
The Laughing Cow, Ukrainian-style!
Flavors: Cranberry Orange, Tropical Mix, and Papaya Aloe Vera. What? Aloe vera? Isn't that what they put in lotion?

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