Thursday, November 17, 2011

The November Blues

The newest additions to the cupboard (tea & chocolate)....
I've been down in the dumps lately. The clock is ticking down on my 90-days in the country, and I don't have a solution yet except overstaying.
I'm wondering if it's even worth paying the fine to stay at this school. The school's okay, but they're constantly a day late and a dollar short with materials and in communicating things and it can be very frustrating. Oddly enough, even though some teachers are complaining they didn't get enough hours this semester, I'm at a full 30 hours a week in the classroom, more than stated in my contract. I enjoy the classes yet it's exhausting to teach this many hours, especially an 8-hour Sunday of constant classes (with one unpaid hour) (and that's a short day, the others are doing 9 hours). D and I hardly ever spend time together. If I'm home, I'm lesson planning. And to top it off, the new teachers are not interested in hanging out at all and instead keep to themselves. So much for expat solidarity.

And my new haircut has taken on a life of its own....a mullet-y life of its own, and that is not good. Not good at all.

Hmmm....what can I add to make this entry a little more cheerful?

The only positive thing that happened recently was my teaching evaluation. Got a 9.5 out of 10. Good enough for me. And our weekly Scrabble games have begun again. That's always pleasant and we have a good mix of Ukrainians and foreigners, ie there are more Ukrainians : )

Oh, and an awesome night at the sauna with Timur and his wife. This was after Timur spent his entire day repairing our kitchen sink after its catastrophic failure to keep the water where it should be....that is, not flooding the kitchen floor.

 Timur and D had to make 2 trips to the market to buy supplies, and then Timur spent about 5 hours halfway under the kitchen counter with his tools. That same night he had made reservations for us to go to a sauna at étoile спортивный комплекс. We had a blast there. I was expecting a slightly-sketchy communal sauna with a bunch of old people sitting around, but instead we had a private area to ourselves: a sauna, a small swimming pool with cold water, a dining area, private bathrooms, a pool table, a changing area with lockers, even a bedroom, haha! I asked what that was for: "for relaxation". Anyways, I didn't bring my camera as I was expecting it to be a public experience...
...but we did snap this picture on a cell phone.


  1. If you take the night train to Odessa, you can then take a bus to Moldova. Spend a night there and then come back. The fine for being over the 90 days would be about 350 Hryvnia. At the airport it would be much more. (They will take you off the bus at the border and it will take 1.5 hours to fill out the paperwork. You can then just pay (I paid 50 once)someone (the next car) to take you into the city)


  2. Thanks for the tip, JML! Much appreciated :)