Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More metro, part 3

The Pushkinskaya metro stop. (Alexander Pushkin was a famous Russian poet and author who loved to fight duels, btw. His literature has been mandatory reading for generations of Russians and Ukrainians.) I hear this metro station is the deepest one in Kharkov at about 100 feet/30 meters underground. It's certainly got a long escalator to the top!

Here are a couple shots from University, the metro stop underneath the giant Freedom Square.
As always, the coolest lighting!

And, after much effort... and scolding from the metro ladies for taking pictures at this station, I am at last able to present to you the Historical Museum metro stop.


  1. Those metro ladies either don't know the rules of their job or hinting you to give them some 'incentive' to leave you alone.
    There are _no_ any official regulation that making photos in metro is prohibited or requires someone's permission.
    However, there's regulation that making _video_ requires a permission, point #4.2.16 (
    "4.2. Пасажирам заборонено:
    4.2.16. Здійснювати кінозйомки та відеозйомки без письмового дозволу адміністрації метрополітену."

    There could be, however, unofficial concerns on this because metro is considered as a strategic civil defence facility. But since Ukraine is not a terror or war state, officials can keep unofficial demands to themselves.

    Bottomline: you don't break any official law or regulation by making photos in metro.

  2. Thanks for the research, Roman! I'm happy to hear this. Maybe I'll continue my picture-taking mission....there are still several stations left.

  3. If you really want to leave Ukraine, and still fond of metro stations - here're some possible next destinations to you:

    1. I really wish we had more transportation like this in the US.

      Cool article, I'm glad you sent it : ) Not planning on leaving quite yet, though!