Sunday, January 22, 2012


Wow! January 2012 is almost over! I'm shocked that it's already the 22nd but at the same time, so many things have happened this month that it's surprising they could take place in so little time. After we got back from our rushed and relative-filled trip (sleeping on so many couches! :p ) to Crimea, a friend and fellow teacher from Kiev came to visit. We had a great weekend together: ice skating, eating large amounts of chocolate butter (THE GREATEST FOOD ON EARTH!), going to the sauna with wine and more friends, sightseeing, and tracking down a good restaurant for shish-kebab. After she left, I was ready for some lazing around but instead had to go back to work. And a soul-crushing day early at that, a Sunday, to cover some conversation classes. In fact, the week almost broke me. I was so tired from Crimea and visiting and visits that I had no energy reserve for work. At last, though, the week came to an end (albeit with the sad demise of Megavideo) and recuperation could finally begin.

I'm very optimistic about this semester. I requested a lighter schedule and the school has actually been amazingly respectful and compliant.... only 21 hours a week this time around! Classes are a good mix of the old and the new and I'm working with some of my favorite students again. We've also got some new employees that seem pretty cool and easy-going, so it appears that the darkest days of winter are behind us. The weather has been chilly but not too cold and the city is covered in a blanket of fresh snow. Recently I subscribed to Show Time Spanish (love this program!) and News Time Spanish to keep up with that language, and Russian got plenty of practice in Crimea. I hope your January is going well too!

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