Wednesday, January 25, 2012


There's a popular French restaurant here named Paris. (Sounds funny: "hey, wanna go to Paris tonight?") I've been there twice and have been meaning to share the details with you for ages. Before I forget- Paris also shows films. You can check out their movie schedule here. You can find the menu too if you hunt around long enough.

First, the decor. Most restaurants here have that minimalist chic feel. Paris is unique. It's cluttered, but in a cozy way. Each time I've been there we sat in a different area. The first was on an upstairs landing. The table top was covered in glass and miscellaneous trinkets were scattered underneath the glass top. The walls were striped in dark shades of pink. And, since the overhead lighting is dim to non-existent, there were full-sized lamps on every table. I've come to recognize this as Paris' trademark. It's a romantic idea, but it can easily mean that instead of talking to your date, you're talking through a big lamp. (You can request to have the lamp removed, though. I've even seen the staff bring a candle over instead.)

The second time I visited we ended up in a different part of the restaurant. Check it out for yourself:

One of trickiest parts of dining at Paris is navigating the menu. On the first visit they didn't even give us menus. The waitress simply came over and talked us through the choices. The second time we got menus. All five of them: three separate dinner menus, a drinks menu, and a dessert menu. And they all looked like the menu above so
A) your Russian had better be up to speed
B) bring a dictionary
C) just point hopefully.

That said, even if you're just guessing wildly, chances are good you'll end up with something delicious.
My main selection: "African plov with rabbit"
Avocado and shrimp salad

meat dish with pineapple
Another salad option
Paris' cream soups must be tried!!

You can find Paris at 30-32 Петровского Street, not far from the Pushkinska metro stop. I hope you get the chance to enjoy a meal here or to check out their cafe under Kharkov's Eiffel Tower!

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  1. Don't hesitate to ask waiters for English menu. Many places do have these, verified.

    Also there's a cozy corner in 'Paris', downstairs right behind the bakery shop at the entrance. So literally you enter the main door, go immediately to the left upstairs, pass thru small cafe to staircase and go downstairs :) That corner is styled like French movies of 60-80's