Thursday, March 30, 2017

An uneven start to Spring

This March has been so gloomy and overcast. Gloooooomy. Where's spring?! We grabbed an umbrella and went for a hike last weekend anyway.

Vancouver, Washington.

One cool surprise- this trilingual sign!

I found this (ancient) article claiming that 20,000 Russian-speakers had settled in the area.

But in urban areas where people are forcing the hand of nature, it really does look like spring...

For other not-quite-spring-yet news, read Jasilyn's take on End of March Snow in Ufa, Russia.

Hang in there, Jasilyn! :)


  1. It's bright and sunny today, but still very cold. Snow is half melting which means there is high water in some places, and I fell in a puddle yesterday. Please send some spring weather! :)