Wednesday, March 22, 2017

San Francisco

I didn't go to San Francisco, but D did. He spent a week there on a (isn't this the coolest sounding word?) командировка, business trip.

Once upon a time we had talked about moving to there. The siren call of all those IT jobs almost drew us there... until we realized what the cost of living was. I'm talking over $3,000 for a one-bedroom apartment! So, no San Francisco for us.

D came back with some pretty cool photos, though. Almost makes me wish we'd moved there!

Isn't it kind of creepy how EVERYONE is staring down at their phones?

Have you ever been to San Francisco?


  1. My aunt and uncle live in San Francisco (they have money though). It's my favorite city in the world (well, definitely in the USA). So funny, I just learned the word for business trip in my Russian lessons. I heard you have to come in contact with the word three different times for it to really stick, so I think I'm going to remember it now! :)

    1. Sweet! It's cool you have family living in that area. :) I remember you mentioning how much you like the colorfulness of the city.

      And just in case you need a third encounter: командировка!