Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Penpal art + more matryoshki!

A sneak peek...

But first...

A beautiful card arrived from Ukraine the other day.

My friend not only mailed it... Anna actually created it! This piece is called Christmas Story. She has a bunch of cute postcards at http://anutas-gift.com/postcards/.

That same day, a second card arrived from another penpal artist.

Vesna is a Macedonian transplant to Arizona. She blogs about art at https://stitchplayinaz.com/ and makes the most adorable pictures of desert plants. This time, though, her card was all about Valentine's Day.

And then a third envelope came from a young artist; a cool handmade card from Alina, the teenage daughter of a Ukrainian friend. (Notice that even in stationery Ukrainians stick to the odd-number-of-flowers rule. Even numbers are only used for funerals.)

I'm so impressed by people like Anna, Vesna, Alina and all people who create things- paintings, crafts, books, clothing, songs. It must be an amazing feeling to start with an idea and actually bring it to life. If I could create something, I'd like to make something with matryoshki. Those matryoshki dish towels, for example, were made by my mom. (Now I kind of wish I'd taken her up on sewing lessons!) She also made this apron, which I'd like to wear 24/7 everywhere, haha.

Do you make anything? How did you get started?


  1. So cute! You need to send me your address so I can send you a care package!

    1. Ooooh, yes, let's be penpals! I'll send you a message. :)