Friday, May 12, 2017

A very belated honeymoon post

After we got married, D and I took a cruise and decided it's a gloriously lazy way to relax. In fact, I'm not sure it really counts as travel- does a few hours in port truly count as a visit? But the relaaaaaxing part of cruising is indisputable. You're on a floating buffet and you don't have to work for five whole days. Sweet.

That was our first cruise together. We liked it so much that we took a second cruise at the end of the same year! (Crazy decadent, I know.) The next cruise wasn't quite as much fun as the first one, since everyone on the second ship was 80 years old and just wanted to go to art actions. Still, a cruise is a cruise.

This year, we've decided to take D's mom on a special trip for her birthday. Part of the trip is still a secret to her. We're reversing our elopement itinerary- starting with a short cruise, then (this is what she doesn't know) spending 2 nights in Las Vegas. Ура! D has been masterfully handling all her intense questioning for the past few weeks... "Но куда именно мы едем? But where exactly are we going?" "Мама, все будет хорошо. Mom, everything will be fine."

Instead of packing, lately we've been looking at pictures from that first cruise. Her birthday cruise is going to be a little different- it's shorter and the ports are different- but hopefully she'll still get that same "chilling on a floating buffet" feeling. Something about special occasion + cruising just goes well together. Speaking of special occasions, here was our very first one: our honeymoon!


Favorite memory: spending 30 minutes every single evening trying to pose like that day's towel animal, haha.


Favorite memory: I'm floating with a snorkel mask, doing the doggy paddle of sheer terror in an orange lifejacket. D, the human manatee, surfaces in excitement. I swam through this huge school of fish! They swam around me and accepted me as one of their own! (We are clearly a case of opposites attracting.)


Favorite memory: Reading a book on the beach.


Favorite memory: Las Caletas Beach Hideway. It sounded kind of wimpy on paper- "family friendly! suitable for all ages! enchanting tropical beach haven!"- but in real life it was just so chill. Colorful parrots swoop in to greet you when the boat arrives and drinks are served in coconuts with funny faces.


This sums it up.

We hung out in Long Beach for a few hours after the cruise ended.

Favorite memory: Not seeing any whales, ha!

That was almost the end of our honeymoon- from LA, it took about 30 hours to get back to Portland by train. 

Have you ever been on a cruise? 

What's your dream cruise destination?

If you need inspiration, one of these itineraries might do the trick!


  1. I went on a cruise when I was 14 for my grandparents' 50th anniversary. Going through puberty and being in a bathing suit wasn't the most exciting thing. It was fun though to be with my whole family and eat whatever I wanted. I am usually not a beach person but the thought of going on a cruise with A sounds super relaxing.

    1. Maybe you two can make plans for a Russian river cruise!

  2. The towel animal poses, haha! Looks like something my family would do.