Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Penpal mail

Privet! And hooray, penpal mail! We got back in town to find this awesome package* waiting in the mail. I can't wait to show you everything in it!

*Minus the cat, of course :p

D's mom had a great birthday. It was a 'day at sea' on the cruise ship, so we wandered around all afternoon and then had some bday drinks. That evening, six waiters crowded around the table and sang to her. She looked so happy! And there were lots of crew members on board who spoke Russian / Ukrainian.  Several of them came over to the table to say hi. 

I didn't take any photos during the cruise- they're all on D's phone and we haven't even looked at them yet- but here are a few from after it ended.

Long Beach, California.
Las Vegas.
D's mom and I were like, "What is that black square?" It was a built-in TV. IN THE BATHROOM MIRROR. What?? There was also a telephone next to the toilet, haha.

While we were away, this package arrived in the mail from the lovely Jasilyn, an English teacher and blogger living in Ufa, Russia.

The first thing I saw in the package was this cool dual-language reader.

Next, a magnet with that most sacred Slavic trinity : matroshki + teapot + samovar. I so want this as a tattoo!!! And my husband later grabbed the chocolate bar (labeled "very milk chocolate" with almonds and waffle bits) and absconded to the safety of his man cave.

Jasilyn also found this cool card game called Ёжик Потеряшка, The Little Lost Hedgehog. It must reference this famous cartoon? The owl in the card game looks waaaay less terrifying than the one in the cartoon, though.

This little book has 20 pages of raccoons in different moods, like "When is payday?" and "I'm dreaming of the sea." A lot of the expressions are ones I've never heard. For example, what does "сегодня я бодрый лось" mean? A cheerful moose, huh? This requires further investigation. ;)

"Where's my coffee?"
The finishing touch: candy, yum.

And Jasilyn, you're probably going to laugh at this, but I'm saving the пакет. That thing is the real deal!

Even Кит came over to investigate everything... and then take a nap.

Спасибо большое, Джаслин! You're an awesome penpal!


  1. I'm glad it arrived safely, and I wish I could have sent more candy. :( I hope you can use that card game and those daily expressions. I wanted to find you things that had Russian written on them so you could practice. My friend who went with me to pick them out speaks better Russian than me but is still about pre-intermediate level so we weren't quite sure how the card game worked, but it looked cute! :) Glad you liked everything.

    1. I love it!! :) :) Let me know when you have a new mailing address!