Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Spring snapshots

A look at what's been happening around here this spring...


Around Town


The city has been plastered with signs this year. In the suburbs, most lawns and windows have a 'Black Lives Matter' sign. Three local women created this free sign 'In Our America'... and it's seriously in EVERY storefront around. And lots of random stickers and signs have appeared downtown- the Statue of Liberty 'Refugees Welcome' one is especially popular.

A local refugee resettlement agency reported this news last month:

In totally frivolous news- look, a camel purse!

A big windstorm hit the area the other week. It was a long day of power outages for many people.

Speaking of the area, local housing isn't getting any cheaper. The average price of a home last year was $344,670. That might sound okay... until you see what it buys you. Here are 3 typical examples:

$358,000. 2 bed, 1 bath.
$375,000 bungalow. (But at least it's cute!)
$424,900. 3 beds, 3 baths.
Meanwhile, the building craze continues.

A few more snapshots from around town:

Spring skies, example 1.
Local mall.
Along the river.
Cherry blossoms in a waterfront park.
Coworking space.
Park mural.
In front of Powells bookstore.
Spring skies, example 2.
At the airport.
College campus; downtown.
Sign in Reed College's language department.
For a week or two, magnolia blossoms were everywhere around town.

The Chinese lessons are over. It was a lot of fun to be a beginner again, especially in a language that doesn't decline things. (Take that, Russian!)

D and I are studying the language at home once a week. And I keep getting these emails... ;)

At Home (or, Life with Cat)

Кит got a big upgrade recently. This thing- we call it his домик, little house- kept tipping further and further until one day he leapt up and knocked it down.

His new one is much taller and wider. He no longer has to scrunch up to sit atop it.

When he's not in his new домик, he likes to sit on top of the router.

One other note: this tea from December has been a perfect match for spring- black tea with chocolate, blue cornflower and rose petals. Mmmmm!

... but I used the whole bag up. The company sent a few new teas to try, but none are as good as the Portland Blend.

What kinds of snapshots sum up your April? Leave me a comment below! :)


  1. Noo!!! I lost my whole comment. Okay, I'll rewrite it. I have one of those pick rocks too (can't remember the name). Does yours "sweat?" Mine does and I don't know how to prevent it. I think it might be because of the humidity in Cleveland. Not sure, but just wondering if yours does the same.

    I think the housing costs in Portland are telling you that you need to move to Cleveland ;) Housing is pretty affordable there.

    I love your cat. He's so stinkin adorable!

    1. Ooooh, that's the worst! Kudos to you for retyping it, Jasilyn!

      Wait, you mean you have a salt crystal lamp there in Ufa? There's got to be a good story behind how you obtained it, please spill. ;) No, mine has never done that, but I think the climate here is too mellow for that. Here's a totally random link that might help you: https://www.healingcrystals.com/My_Salt_Lamp_sweats_-_What_can_I_do__Articles_205.html

      Haha, I think the housing costs are saying "move to Ukraine or Russia!" A girl can dream...

  2. Very interesting about housing costs! Wow! I could seriously read posts about tea all day...so I love when you share your tea adventures!

    1. Ooooh, it's so good to meet another tea fanatic. What are you drinking nowadays? I just got out my root beer iced tea for the warmer weather: sarsaparilla, monk fruit, wintergreen oil, natural root beer flavor + vanilla extract. It's such a weird blend, but somehow it works.