Saturday, July 16, 2011

First Thoughts

Last night I found an old journal entry scribbled in the back of a book. I must have intended to post it in an earlier blog, but it was forgotten and waited on the bookshelf for years. The first sentence is-

Your journey begins in the railway station, where a sign on the cashier window informs you: Cashier does not give answers.

As unpleasant as those words sound, if you love Russia and Ukraine then there's something about them that intrigues you. You think- what? why? no answers? why not? what's up with that?

If you don't love Russia and Ukraine, then you probably think- what the hell? Forget it, I'm going to Cancun! (And I think you're probably not going to be interested in this blog :p )

But back to those who will... no matter how many times you get frustrated or don't get any answers, there's still some beauty that keeps bringing you back. It's like dating someone who usually treats you like dirt but you keep thinking the relationship can be saved because of the occasional "perfect" moments. Tell me now, readers- is it okay that I'm moving to Ukraine with those expectations? Or is it simply natural? I'd like to think that this is normal whenever anyone studies a foreign culture or language. I'd like to think it's not a bad relationship that I should turn away from to avoid heartbreak!

All that aside, despite my (supposedly) low expectations, I'm REALLY excited for this!!!!!! I want to be like Rita Golden Gelman, the female nomad, making friends everywhere, trying new stuff and keeping an open mind. I don't want slip into my old operating mode of being super-crazy and clueless and randomly whirling around accumulating war stories. I want to be smarter this time around. I am 99% sure I am passionate about teaching English and I look forward to being in the classroom. I want to perfect my Russian and learn some Ukrainian. I want to learn as much as I can about everything around me.


  1. I had almost the same feelings and thoughts before my business trip to Israel.
    But after all, that was an interesting challenge.