Thursday, July 21, 2011

Russia cannot be understood with the must simply stand in line.

"Умом Россию не понятьВ Россию можно только верить."
"Russia cannot be understood with the mind... One must simply believe in Russia."
  -Fyodor Tyutchev


Here's another example of why I love Russia:

Getting a visa has always been difficult. If you are able to get an invitation (to study or work or visit) there's still a million hoops to go through. That's part of why I choose Ukraine. Anyways, the Russian president Medvedev is a huge fan of technology and modernity, and he's trying to get Russia up to speed. So, what sounds more 21st century then being able to file your visa application online? That's right, straight from the embassy's website, "Pursuant to the directive from the Russian Foreign Ministry, effective July 1, 2011, the Russian Embassy and all Russian Consulates General in the U.S.A. will require that all applications for Russian visas submitted in the United States be prepared using the Electronic Visa Application Form."

Pretty good, right?

But that's not the whole story.

Because then, "After filling the Electronic Visa Application form online, applicants will have to print a copy of their application form, sign and date it, glue the requred size photo to it and submit this printed original form, along with other necessary documentation, to the Russian Consulate personally or through their representative or a visa agency." (Underlining done by me.)

Hahaha! What's the point of filing online if you still have to print out the same form and hand it over in person? Why not just give people a confirmation number?

I love you, Russia, because sometimes you don't make any sense.


  1. That last line of your post is what people often say about me :-P

  2. bureaucrats are so bureaucrats...