Thursday, July 28, 2011

Yakutsk (Siberian) Blog, 2006

A typical house in the village
"Main Street"
Lena River
a very young me! : )

In the spirit of things, here's a link to my old blog about life in Yakutsk (Siberia) and traveling the Trans-Siberian with a colorful cast of characters.

The first entry is September 9th, 2006: "I got a pretty good vibe of what this would be like when we picked up a 16 year old sobbing crackhead at the ferry terminal"

The final entry is January 10th, 2007: "I've just posted all the sordid (or not) secrets of the Trans-Siberian trip"

Haha, looking back, I always wondered why everyone in Russia was obsessed with going to clubs and "dance pole".... I was always looking around for a stripper pole- why else would they keep mentioning a pole? It wasn't until later I found out that "поль" (pole) = floor, so people were actually saying "dance floor".

A couple of pictures from the old days....
Watching the traffic on this road was an endless source of amusement!
Early September
View from my window in September
One month later....view from my window in October
The old part of town. Very pretty and a very expensive shopping district. It's probably, uh, about 2 PM in the afternoon in this photo. Note the 2 women in fur coats in the distance!
2 weeks of hard work! See my comment re: winter activities- drive around, drink or visit a museum. Also, Odin, Odin, Odin :p
Yeah! The Permafrost Institute! That brings our total of winter activities up to 4!

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