Tuesday, October 18, 2011

More cool products...

It's snowing in Kharkov this morning!!!!!! Coincidentally, I also saw it's snowing in Fairbanks....which kind of gave me an unpleasant sensation of not having escaped Alaskan-style winter at all. The statistics say that Kharkov has more pleasant winters than Alaska....unless I brought the bad weather with me!

Anyways, in honor of the snow, here are more unusual items that caught my eye recently:
Nut-flavored yogurt. Not bad!

Mmmm....more tea. And my nice new teapot. Can you see my expensive Glade candle in the background? Yes, go on and laugh, but this candle saved the day during the last power outage!
Please don't tell me this garlic sauce in any way resembles mayonnaise...because it's freakin' delicious! I adore this stuff!
I'll ask you just once: have you even seen a napkin proudly featuring a chestnut design? Didn't think so....
Angry-looking individual on the sausage wrapper. Looks like he's formulating an evil plan to defeat Tony Stark in the next Iron Man movie. I don't mind it when there's a picture of this dude on the wrapper; what's worrisome is when there's a picture of a dog or a cat on the wrapper....just a little unsettling, know what I mean?
Average-size Ukrainian beer. Also sold in a 2-liter plastic bottle, just like in Russia. Cheer if you enjoy beer! (but I don't)
What I do enjoy.....mmmmm....fancy bath salts, so nice!
Delicious, delicious eggplant from the market!
Saw this in a magazine. Why haven't I ever seen this in the US? What a cool idea!

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