Thursday, October 20, 2011

Snapshots of Ukrainian Life, Part 4

I noticed Viagra for sale in the drugstore.... it looks like you can just pick some up on your way home?

Babies have been in full-out snow suits for the last week, even though there's no snow on the ground. Parents strap them in baby strollers, all bundled up...some babies look really uncomfortable but hey, at least they're warm!

We upgraded 10 mb/second internet access at home...for less than $10 a month. That doesn't mean we can access the internet fully at home yet (in Ukraine, it's two steps forward, one step back) but when we finally get access life will be pretty sweet.

It was late on a cold October evening. A hunched-over grandmother hesitated at the top of the stairs leading to the metro. The stairs were steep, she was old, and her grocery bags were heavy. She called out to the thuggish looking 22-year-old loitering on the stairs: "Eh, young man, carry these bags for me." And can you believe, without a blink- this guy who looked like the textbook definition of a hoodlum, immediately and uncomplainingly came to her assistance. The culture here is different in that way; men are usually completely chivalrous, opening doors, letting women get on the metro first. I'm getting spoiled.

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