Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Police

Forgot to mention-

We walked back to our part of town from the restaurant, since it was after midnight and the metro was closed. While the four of us were walking along the main highway, a cop car pulled over and 2 cops jumped out. One went to question another man who was walking near us. The other came over to us. I immediately thought "uh-oh!" I'm not quite as superstitious about cops as some of my colleagues, who live in terror of the police, but there is that persistent rumor that all foreigners are supposed to carry their passport with them at all times, and really, who does that? Anyways, the cop was a young guy. He gruffly asked in rapid succession "Are you locals? Are you carrying any guns? What do you have in your pockets?" The other three replied "Yes, No, Nothing" and I kind of mumbled and hovered in the background. Only D got a half-hearted search. Then the cop turned away, jumped back into the car, and the car sped off down the highway.

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