Saturday, July 14, 2012

Easy Russian 2 : the letters З and С

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Here's a very easy letter: З
Yes, it looks an awful lot like the number three but it's actually a Z.
З = Z

You remember маркет , right? (market)
If you have pets you'll need to shop here as well:

 зоомаркет = pet store

On a beautiful summer day it's always nice to visit a парк (park).
The more adventurous may spend an afternoon here!

зоопарк = zoo

The letter С is pronounced as an s sound.
What kind of маркет is this?
(Although I'm not sure if this is a real Russian word or just something that has been borrowed from English)
Now try a couple more!
This word is useful if you enjoy visiting the beach : )
песок = sand
Not real Russian but a surprisingly common term in advertisements!
This was on the box for my Oil of Olay skin care set
This is the name of a credit agency in Kharkov.
ренесанс = renaissance
спортмастер = Sportmaster, a local sporting goods store

How did you do?
You should be able to recognize and pronounce these 5 letters in Russian: Р, П, Н, З, and С.

If you know of any other easy words with these letters, please leave a comment! 

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  1. I don't understand the differences beetween both letters :/