Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Easy Russian 1 : the letters Р, П, Н

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It's true- the Russian alphabet has a whopping 33 letters. One for each tooth and one for the tongue : ) How many do you know? Can you read these words?

Hint: the Russian letter Р = the r sound in English.

That's right,
  • Тор = Thor
  • маркет = market
  • метро = metro
  • and марка = postage stamp, brand name

 Try this:

Next letter:
П = the p sound

Final letter:
Н = the n sound

So this is....?

Try this word. You've probably heard it a million times in the movies.
нет! =no in Russian. In Ukrainian, it's ні!
Ukrainian bonus round! Miнi маркет (мини маркет in Russian, same pronunciation). Anytime you see the letters і or ї mixed in with other Cyrillic letters, you're probably looking at the Ukrainian alphabet.

Extra practice:
  • камера = camera
  • ремонт = remodel/repair. You may wonder why you need this word but trust me, you do. It's everywhere here. On the street- watch repair, shoe repair, cell phone repair. It even follows you home!
Ready for Lesson 2?