Friday, June 29, 2012

На кухне 5

Less time at work means more time in the kitchen : ) Most days it's still a struggle to dream up something novel to eat, but here are some recent summer successes:
carrot + garlic salad, a popular local dish
more pizza bread!

When it's not too hot to stand at the stove and make soup....
D soup + store-bought garlic bread (pampushka)
mine: Thai soup

Young carrots and potatoes are really cheap right now. We stock up on these every week. The picture on the right also has spinach and raisin couscous with a mysterious yet tasty meat patty from the grocery store.

Lunch on a work day usually ends up looking like this. Not long ago we discovered a kiosk that sells frozen foods. Don't know how we missed this before, since they're practically on every block in the neighborhood! They sell about 25 kinds of frozen local favorites. I like blini with chicken. D prefers the blini with tvorog. Blini are quite convenient to make too- just heat them up in a frying pan and enjoy.

Tomato and mayonnaise actually had to be handled by me (!!) to make this treat for D. If you know me well, you know that this was truly a labor of love. Interestingly, fake crab sticks are very popular in Ukraine. I remember going grocery shopping in Alaska with a newly-arrived refugee family from Ukraine. They were adamant about getting crab sticks and I was really surprised that this was a part of their diet. It's a nice snack food though. We usually buy the biggest package available.

A random crab omelet. D makes rather large omelets, doesn't he?

And finally of course, dessert.
You can probably guess which one was mine.

Three cheers for the arrival of strawberry season!

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