Thursday, June 21, 2012

Watch out!

Things to watch out for in Kharkov:
Roving pigeon gangs
Rival pigeon gangs!
Sleeping dogs

Falling bricks and building materials. Be careful about walking directly underneath buildings and balconies! You may see a sign like this one...
...or you may see protective fencing like this.  During the winter, keep an eye out for falling icicles.
Alien abductions
Fake buildings
Madonna! (well, actually in Kiev)
Burger Club. Please don't ever eat here, I'm warning you.

Sausage advertisements

What you should really watch out for while you're in Kharkov? Running low on camera batteries!


  1. +1! Really funny about "alien abductions, daily since 9 till 20" =))

    About "fake buildings". Maybe that was a joke as well, but if some1 curious... That's just a decorative cover for renovation works behind.

    1. I love seeing those "buildings/covers" around town... it's such a creative idea to disguise renovation!

      Yeah, it looks more like alien abduction than a car wash, right? :p