Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Euro 2012 (advance) wrap up

In Ukrainian: Kharkov, we thank you! (From) Holland

The soccer fans have come and gone in Kharkov. They've left some indelible memories... especially via outrageous photos and videos!

Things worth mentioning:
Need I say more? Found this picture on vkontakte.
Another picture floating around on vkontakte. Police, meet the fans. Fans, meet the police : )
The water in the local lovers' fountain suddenly turned orange- city planning or prank, I don't know...
Two fans posing at a local photo stop.
This poor reporter... she didn't have a chance as the massive Dutch crowd marched to the stadium!
Do watch!!!!!!!
Some of the more amusing articles (mainly Kyiv Post): Dutch adopt Kharkov as their home Cheap Ukrainian alcohol downs some Swedish fans Prostitutes disappointed with football fans Football fans fail husband hunters Worst hair at Euro 2012 (Bleacher Report) Ukraine played England recently...
but lost. Some say that this was an outrage, that a referee made a bad call.
It was a goal! Even we saw it!
Instead of Jehovah's witnesses- goal witnesses. Well, it's a pretty clever play-on-words in Russian at least.
It's down to four teams: Portugal, Spain, Germany, and Italy. Kharkov hosted three games (Netherlands v Denmark, Netherlands v Germany, Portugal v Netherlands) between June 9th and June 17th, but the show is now over for this town. The remaining games will be played in Donetsk (tonight!), Warsaw (tomorrow), and Kiev (final game, July 1st). Now the question is:
In Ukrainian: is there life after Euro?

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