Sunday, June 17, 2012

Grigorovski Forest (Григоровський Бор)

There's a big forest in Xolodna Gora that we escaped to this afternoon.
It reminded me of the Pacific Northwest!
The weather had finally cooled off after a recent massive thunderstorm. Clouds dotted the sky and a welcoming breeze blew the heat away. We'd seen this forest once at night. It was a menacing black wall in the dark but as you can see, it's a completely different place during the day.
We went down paths at random, passing by families laughing over a picnic lunch. Mothers and grandmothers pushed expensive strollers and stopped periodically to fuss over the stroller's occupant. D and I got a chance to catch up and talk about what we've been reading lately and some Great Work we have planned for the summer. Oh, and look for giant snails. D picked one up and examined it and then wanted to hold hands....eew! :p It was nice to just relax and listen to the sounds of the forest on such a pleasant afternoon. The forest is large enough to get lost in and we did briefly, before stumbling across a pond surrounded by cattails and guarded by an embracing teenage couple and then finally catching a glimpse of the road out.

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