Monday, June 4, 2012

Name this: Ukraine version

"How many of these symbols do you know?" I spotted this interesting display on the streets of Kiev last month.
First row: recycle, ?, throw stuff in the trash,?
Second row: ?, ?, ?, ?
Third row: ?, ?, ?, ?
Fourth row: no genetic modifications, bar code, ?, ?


  1. Firs row: 1.recycle 2. no clue 3. throw trash here 4. recycle
    Second row: 1. take on yin and yang symbols, I am sure it means recycle. 2 then ecologic certificate. 3. no clue 4. no clue
    Third row: 1. another yin/yeng deal 2. CCCP as in Soviet Union 3. recycle 4. this is not a trash can
    Fourth row: 1. Without GM (GM must stand for some artificial substance) 2. a bar code for something 3. FSC abreviation of some sort of a tree company 4. something eco friendly/green

    How did I do?

    1. Vesna, you did much better than I did! :p
      The website at the bottom didn't offer many answers unfortunately, but maybe that's because it's in Ukrainian. I was thinking row three, last picture meant "no disposable coffee cups here." And why so many different iterations of the recycle sign? Strange!