Sunday, September 25, 2011

Park day

A very Soviet-style conversation:
Me: Timur, do you think they use mayonnaise or tomato sauce on the pizzas?
Timur: Probably mayonnaise.
Me: Hmmmm......
Waitress: What do you want?
Timur: Is it possible to get a pizza without mayonnaise?
Waitress: No. All pizzas are standard pizzas.
Timur: Is it possible to ask to cook to use less mayonnaise?
Waitress, not amused: I'll ask....but it will be a standard pizza. (Я спрошу, но будет стандарт.)
Does this sound as funny in English as it did in Russian?
I will admit, the pizza was delicious, whatever they used.

Timur invited me on an amazing city tour yesterday!! It was wonderful to get out and enjoy the afternoon. In just three hours we visited a very interesting history museum, several cathedrals, many parks, and a cafe! Ukrainians sure know how to design parks! Check it out:
Timur also gave some great advice:
  • don't be so friendly with strangers, in shops, etc.
  • if your elevator gets stuck between floors, call me right away
And I saw a golden retriever being walked in the park! Most dogs here are either street mutts or smaller, pampered dogs, not golden-retriever size beasts. I wonder what people will think when I get my Burmese mountain dog and walk him through the park! :p

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  1. BTW, Katherine, what does 'keep smiling' means for you now?
    A. 'look people, only loosers bear grim face'
    B. 'I'm just happy enough to smile'
    C. 'let's chat!'
    D. (other option, specify)