Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sept 29th

The tide turned last night...classes went decently, especially the TOEFL class. I really enjoyed that particular class. Today I taught corporate classes, which also seemed to go well. The plus side of teaching 9:30 AM classes across town is that...well, would I ever ride 45 minutes on the metro in the morning crowds for fun? (No.) So this experience is showing me things I wouldn't normally experience. Normally I would experience my pillow, or maybe a sleepy breakfast! :p

The weather is true autumn now- rainy, heavy, a little dreary. It's pleasant to see autumn again after years of Alaska's seasons (summer, winter, and slush). I've realized I have forgotten how to dress for such not-exactly-summer, not-exactly-winter weather. Umbrellas and light coats might have to re-enter my wardrobe soon!

I find it curious that Ukrainians are very skeptical of free things (or cheap things). I guess it makes sense: if an item is expensive, it means it's a better item, but..... free samples! Who doesn't love free samples! I used to search the internet for free samples monthly and get all kinds of cereals, shampoos, perfumes, etc.

Today, walking into the building for corporate classes, I was offered a little Dove bag with a sample of free conditioner. I was shocked! A little background- this office building is not on a busy street, not next to the metro, in short, it's in a quiet little neighborhood next to some buildings under construction....and yet here was randomly a woman giving away free samples. (But I'm not complaining- it was great!) I asked one of my students if she'd gotten a free sample too; she had, but she was a little distrustful of the quality of the product since it was free.

Off to teach more classes.... Oh yes, Happy Anniversary to me....left Alaska exactly one month ago!

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