Sunday, September 18, 2011

September 18th

Taught 4 classes today and am wiped out! The last class was very low-level English and only had two students, one of which practically burst into tears from shyness from the beginning. That class took a loooooot of energy.

I got my schedule settled today, at 30 hours of face-to-face teaching a week, 16 classes a week....will be happy when this week is over, because it will have 5 new classes full of names and faces to memorize, exhausting work!! I must have memorized at least 50 names already. Thankfully the names aren't foreign sounding (after having studied Russian for so long) so they're pretty easy to pronounce and sometimes to remember.

YEAH! I'm finally freakin' online in the coffee shop! When classes ended at 7 PM, I struggled to download the massive TOEFL teacher guide on the office computer and finally gave up. My escort home had already ditched me long before this, so what's a girl to do but go to the coffee shop for a mojito ($3.50) and hope to get online. I'm surrounded in here by couples....many of them appear to be text messaging even while they sit together, surprise, surprise. Did you know that many restaurants and coffee shops here in Ukraine are unexpectedly upscale? There are some serious interior designers at work here. My favorite pastime is to appreciate their work : )
Coffee Life at the Kharkov (Southern) train station. It's very nice, but the other Coffee Life locations (Pushskinska and city center) are rather run-down.

Wow, this mojito is good! It's the real deal, with a lot of crushed mint leaves and a lemon slice. Maybe I can just drink my dinner....haha, no, just kidding.

Okay, the mojito is gone. What can I say- I taught from 11 AM - 7 PM and only got to sneak a piece of bread and some cucumbers. Told you Ukraine is a great place to lose weight.

Must get to work on tomorrow's classes.... farewell for now!

Oh, Internet will *supposedly/hopefully* be hooked up in my apartment tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed!

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