Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tuesday, August 30th

From the air, Switzerland looks like Sim City 2000. Remember that game?
I'm in Switzerland!! : ) Yeah!
The flight here was sweet. Check this out:
Good bye, Alaska!
Anchorage, Alaska
More Alaska
Creature comforts

Take that, Alaska Air & Delta, with your peanuts and $6 picnic packs!

 Every announcement on the plane was done in 3 languages- German, English, and unidentifiable language #3, so announcements took a looong time! The flight attendants were old school- skinny, young, and good-looking. Their uniforms are individually tailored (read an article about this in the in-flight magazine) and the women sweep their hair up into fancy chignons with white flowers while the men gel theirs. The flight attendants kept trying to say things to me in languages other than English and I was like “huh?” and they'd have to repeat themselves, which pissed them off a little bit. Um, okay, snobby European country, sorry. We can't all speak 3 or 4 languages. The flight was sparsely populated and everyone seemed to be European summer tourists returning from Alaska. I didn't get to talk to anyone because I had the row to myself.
There were some ads grown along the runaway. I can't believe I've never seen this kind of advertising in the US.
The airport is fancy and has a very modern feel to it. Watch ads are everywhere.
There is also CANNABIS ICED TEA which promises a FANTASTIC NATURAL something or other. Haha, I'll bet!
Now I'm waiting for the flight to Kiev. D, I'm looking for people with mullets but have only seen one guy with a fauxhawk. Maybe the mullet craze has finally died down?

I can hardly contain myself, I need to talk to someone and I'm about to start approaching strangers. I hope I sit by someone cool on this flight!

Note to self: Don't watch so many horror movies on Netflix where people speak German, or it's really gonna freak you out to be on a plane with them.

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