Friday, September 16, 2011

September 16th

Wow, I'm finally writing in real time.....I was finally forced to come to (how appropriate) McDonald's to use wifi. McDonald's is a happening place here!! Free balloons for kids and FREE public restrooms = recipe for instant business success. I'm not joking. How many cashiers are in your local McDonalds? 4? 5? Here there are EIGHT registers plus the drive thru!! I got here at rush hour....a huge mob queued around the registers, because after you order you wait at the counter for your food- while the cashiers are taking the next person's order.

Things are okay here in Kharkov. I've been a little bummed out and lonely lately, and work has been a lot. I told the corporate manager today that I would only take one of the 9:30 AM corporate classes (considering I work until 10 PM the night before) and she was pretty upset, saying there aren't enough teachers or they're not the right age or they're not responsible enough blah blah blah. I don't care. I signed a contract to work 27 face-to-face hours, not 33. And seriously- the students demand teachers based on their age? For real?

I got my schedule for Sunday, 7 hours of classes, including that TOEFL class, which meets again on Monday and Wednesday. Tomorrow I'm going to have to spend the whole day lesson planning in my little fortress. I'd like to get out more, but....

EC is here in town, living not far from me, but we don't spend much time together. He's very east coast, like I said before :p I can't wait until D gets here, so at least I can go out for a glass of wine in company!

Today I met another teacher and went to the huge market, барабашова, which is apparently the 14th largest market in the world. We each got a huge bowl of pho and split a plate of eggrolls...for only $10 total! I guess there are a lot of Vietnamese living here. We also saw a lot of people from Africa working in the marketplace. (Here's another blogger's report on Shangri-La, the restaurant we visited.)

Oh, dear internet connection to the outside world, I'm reluctant to let you go, but it's getting dark.... I should get back before the drunks come out (I am seriously. not. kidding. Not kidding at all.)

I'll post more when I can grab another wifi connection somewhere. Take care, readers.

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