Saturday, December 17, 2011

Near Central Market

More recent city exploration....
Tsentralni Rinuk (Central Market) metro station. D prefers to shop for fruit and veggies at this market.
As always, cool decor!
Trains loading up....
Watch out- when these doors slam shut, they practically cut you in two. One time my colleague saw an old woman stick her cane in the door to try to prevent it from closing- the door closed on her cane and the train dragged her along before the passengers were able to free her by pushing out the cane. Travel here is not for the faint of heart!
Gothic lightning

You can find this guy in front of the metro headquarters (near the Central Market)
"net weight 1000 kilograms"
This beautiful church is also in the same area.
Look, it's Engels street! (ie, Karl Marx and Freidrich Engels)

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  1. Lovely, thank you for sharing. The church lights reflected in the window are great!