Thursday, December 1, 2011

Out and About in Kharkov 3- Печка Лавочки

Our lovely and most generous friends took us to dinner at Печка Лавочки this week.
Yeah, that about sums it up! Except I don't have a mustache

 Печка Лавочки is veeeery Ukrainian in dish and decor. They have lots of tasty traditional offerings on the menu, mainly hearty and meat-heavy fare (including the intriguing мозги по-восточному, brains eastern-style) with artistic sprinklings of veggies here and there. We had several dishes that I really enjoyed but unfortunately I didn't catch the name of them.
Cucumbers and хреновуха.
Don't know what хреновуха is, do you? Well, keep in mind the extraordinary alcoholic-beverage-producing talents of the Ukrainian people.... it's a kind of alcohol made from horseradish. It's actually pretty cool stuff. I haven't spent much time around horseradish, but its aftertaste is a pleasant departure from the diesel fumes of vodka.
This guy had too much хреновуха.
Back in the good ol' days...
Печка Лавочки is located at Сокольники, 3, hidden in the woods. Comically, there's a restaurant called Sherwood located at the entrance of the forest (Sherwood Forest, anyone?) and the dirt trail next to Sherwood will lead you back to Печка Лавочки and a well-lit soccer-court. It was so cold the night we walked back there that frost sparkled under our feet like diamonds.
Disclaimer from Denis: He got food poisoning after our meal here but since no one else got sick, we're not sure if it was from dinner or some other mysterious culprit.

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